4 Reasons Why The Most Successful People Read

January 22, 2018 Fabienne H 0 Comments

The average person reads only about one book a year. This proves that the reading habit is not generally adopted all over the world. 90% of CEO’s, however, read an average of 60 books a year. That’s quite a number, right? They don’t do it without reason. Why do these busy people cram in some reading time during their short breaks? Spending your free time reading has immense benefits, and I’m going to share some of them with you today:

  • First of all, reading broadens your general knowledge and makes you a smarter person because of this.

I’m a big fan of self-education. Reading can broaden your general knowledge on every topic you’re interested in. You can read about all kinds of topics: relationships, business, self-development, history, psychology, traveling, so on and on. Books are a gateway to learning and knowledge and allow you to learn practical skills as well, such as coding or making small talk. When Elon Musk was asked how he learned to build rockets, he said ‘’I read books.’’

There are tons and tons of books out there for virtually every problem you encounter in life. You can absorb this knowledge and combine it with your own creativity to create something you never imagined possible.

Did you know that if you read 3 books on a specific topic, you actually know more about that topic than 90% of the human population out there? This has always been a great motivator for me to just start reading as much as I can about something that catches my attention.

  • Learning from the pro’s 

I’m a big fan of modeling. You don’t have to go to expensive seminars all the time to learn things from people you look up to. You can learn a lot about successful people from books as well. If you’re already successful, you can learn from even more successful people. Books written by your favorite mentors are full of ideas, practical advice and tricks to help you become a better version of yourself.

If you read a book on a specific topic by a not so well known author, you can usually find information about that person at the end of the book. Don’t hesitate to contact the author if you have any questions or comments about the book. You’d be surprised how many of them actually take the time to write you back!

  • Reading helps increase your general focus 

Our attention span is getting shorter and shorter with the years. Most people are multitasking throughout the day, and are (against popular belief) less productive than they would have been if they just focus on one thing at a time. To read a book you need focus. By getting into the reading habit, you will increase your attention span and hereby your focus, which can be very helpful in other areas of your life.

When I first started reading for longer periods of time, I felt myself drifting off every five minutes or so, but by practicing reading every single day, I found my attention span getting longer as well. Now it’s no problem for me to read more than an hour without distractions. This distraction-free hour is also very useful when I’m studying something, or listening to a speech, for example.

  • Read to reduce stress 

Everyone experiences stress, even the most successful people in the world do. Reading is one of the best ways to break your pattern of overthinking and tune out for a while. Getting lost in a good story brings you into a different state, and therefore, reduces your stress.

Reading fiction can be very good from time to time. Make sure you change it up a bit; you can learn a lot from fiction books as well.
Beware for this: Reading nothing but non-fiction can give you an overdose reality.

Now it’s time to get those dusty books of your shelve and dive right in the world of knowledge, knowledge, and more knowledge!

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